March 28, 2013

animal baby shower

The title is the best way I can think of how to describe this baby shower, we didn't really have a "theme", we did have a lot of animals decorations around though.

This baby shower was a family style affair thrown for my sister and brother-in-law. We kicked them out of their house while we set up. My parents were able to drive out from Arizona to attend so they took them out to breakfast and helped keep them busy.

I can almost take full credit for this shower because this was all done before Pinterest existed! Here are some photos! Hopefully they give you some ideas in case you need to plan a baby shower too!

I usually stay away from the 'too cutesie' stuff, but since a lot of our friends here in Indiana hadn't met any other members on either side of our families, I decided to label them. Each set of grandparents, 3 aunts and 1 uncle all were labelled. It was a great conversation starter and helped to break the ice.

My hubby came up with an idea for displaying the cookies. We asked a few friends to bring a dozen cookies each. We then created labels for them and voila you have a 'cookie bar'!

yes, someone got a little carried away with the bottom left cookies, but they were sure yummy!!
We had stuffed animals sprinkled here and there through in the room, little friends to cuddle with and one BIG bear to welcome you as you walk in the door.

We made custom CD's for our guests as favors, some tracks included Michael Buble, Pink Martini, some of my sister and brother-in-law's favorites, plus a few cute kids tunes (no, not wheels on the bus)
I also found little Chinese take out boxes at the dollar store that I filled with chocolate candy for the kids.

Love the flowers? I did too! My brother-in-law's sister arranged them for me. Want to know a secret? They are a mix of real and silk flowers! It's a great way to save some money in the budget, and you can't even tell!

I made cupcakes, little side note: practice icing cupcakes before you create the final batch if you've never done it before... lesson learned. I also splurged on the cutest cake I've ever seen!! A friend owns a cake company Rockakes and is AMAZING! The flowers she creates are works of art! 

Isn't it adorable?!?

Since it was family style, we provided games outside for the little and big kids, none of the guys really wanted to watch the gift opening, apparently it's a girly activity, so they were happy outside with their bean bag toss, disc golf, volleyball, and football.

Here are the happy parents-to-be! They are now expecting their second child, he should make his debut in July! I am in the process of planning his baby shower for May, will post about that soon!

 Us sisters together. Brings a smile to my face...

March 27, 2013

keeping those makeup brushes clean

Since I mentioned keeping your makeup brushes clean in my last post. 
I wanted to give you an easy tutorial today. 
Just follow these easy instructions for soft, squeaky clean brushes! 

Do you clean your makeup brushes?? 

I deep clean my brushes once a month,
and I do a basic cleaning once a week.
Here I will show you the difference, why to clean them, and how!

Why Clean your brushes??

You could get a bacterial skin infection, eye infection, skin irritation or frequent breakouts from dirty brushes. Shadow or blush colors will start to turn muddy since all of them are mixing together from prolonged use. Vibrant colors in the pan may not be so vibrant on your face due to the same reason. 

How to Clean your brushes??

For the weekly brush cleaning, I use 91% Alcohol in a small spray bottle.
Spray onto a folded paper towel, then swirl your brushes in it to remove any makeup.
Alcohol is very drying, So to counteract that, you can add 1 part Tea Tree Oil to 4 parts Alcohol if you desire. It will make it smell better too!

For your monthly brush cleaning, you will need:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Baby Shampoo
Inexpensive Sponge

Start by pouring a little EVOO onto a folded paper towel, then swirl your brush in it and watch as it breaks down all the product left in your brushes, if you run out of clean Olive Oil on the paper towel but product is still coming out of your brush, just add a little more EVOO to your paper towel, swirl your brush in EVOO until color stops coming out. The EVOO really softens and moisturizes your REAL hair brushes. Now take your baby shampoo and pour a little onto your sponge, swirl your brush into it as it works into a lather, rinse in your sink under warm water. Dry on a new paper towel, it will come out squeaky clean! 
Reshape your brush and lay on a flat surface with bristles hanging over an edge.

Skip the EVOO step when cleaning out your synthetic brushes, these are usually made out of taklon. These are the brushes you use for your cream products such as foundation or concealer.

Golden taklon concealer brush

A few helpful tips:

1. Do not dry your brush in a cup upside down, any water that is in the bristles will work with gravity and stay in your brush and seep under the metal part of your brush causing possible mold and mildew.

2. When rinsing your brushes, keep the water below the top of the metal, or where the handle meets the metal part. This will prevent wood handles from cracking, and from the water breaking down the glue that holds it together.
3. Drying your brushes on the edge of something  allows for 360 degrees of drying, they will be ready to use faster, and will help prevent mis-shaped brushes.

4. Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil every month will put back in the moisture the Alcohol takes out. And it makes them SUPER soft!!

Happy Cleaning!

March 26, 2013

beauty party

I love party planning. I've only planned a few, but I would love to plan more! I love the excitement of the occasion, I love seeing the look on the face of the person I'm planning the party for when they first walk in and take it all in. I love putting together all of the tiny details that make a party a party!

So my first foray into party planning (other than my wedding) was a girls beauty party. A friend of mine who is a cosmetologist and new to the area wanted to get her name out there, I also was just starting my Makeup Artistry business so I also was wanting to get my name out there. So...
We put together a party that included ice cream cupcakes (yum!) mini manicures, mini makeovers, some demonstrations (I'll explain later) a couple of fun games with prizes, who doesn't love prizes? and... a dress up photo booth!

Here was our food set up. Since it was such a small group and we only invited ages 14 and up we decided to use real china and glasses. Add some flowers and you have an elegant set up.
The menu included:chocolate covered strawberries, mixed berries, veggies, and some colorful candy.

We each did a demonstration, they weren't as boring as they sound. My friend, Jen, did a color theory demo, showing how to find out if you have a warm or cool skin tone, this helps you choose what hair color will look best on you, the color of your clothing choices, even jewelry. Below you see our dear friend, Kristen, being a great sport. She has a warm skin tone, the deeper red looks better on her than the hot pink. I was the other guinea pig, and I am a cool tone, the hot pink looked better on me. The crowd started catching on and started calling out which one worked better. It was very informative.

My demo was on how to properly clean your makeup brushes. Do you clean your brushes?!? You should at least once every month!

Then we had our stations set up for the mini manicures and makeovers. FUN!

We came up with 2 games. In one, you had to match up what funny OPI name matched with what color polish. We posted photos on a board, and they had a list of possible choices. The other game was the same concept but was matching up what era the style was with the photos.


And then the dress up/photo booth. We supplied a mirror and a variety of vintage, retro, modern accessories to choose from. We then set up a tri-pod and camera to snap photos of their looks, We saw girls disappear in there, going in a bit timid, then coming out with huge smiles. A great way to ease any nerves, especially if you don't know everyone real well.

This party was a lot of fun. A great girls afternoon hanging out talking about makeup and beauty!

March 25, 2013

doctor in the house

"Don't worry, I'm The Doctor" Doctor Who? Exactly... 

I am a Whovian, I will admit it, hopefully you are one too?? I love Doctor Who, but it wasn't love at first episode. I almost didn't make it through the first episode. I actually yelled at the screen "DO SOMETHING" The dramatic panning from The Doctor being held by plastic men, to Rose and Micky cowering in the corner, then to Jackie running around screaming, again and again was almost too much too bare.
If you're not a Doctor Who fan (yet) just hang in there through the first 5 episodes. Episode 6 is where it starts to get better.

A little background info for you:

Doctor Who first appeared on BBC in 1963, it ran for 26 series, then went off the air for 16 years. It came back in 2005. There have been 11 actors that have played the doctor over the years. I haven't seen any of the old episodes, I don't know where to find them :( 

He seems to be getting younger...
If you start watching Doctor Who, you will probably be starting with the ninth doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)

Then comes David Tennant (who's real name is David John McDonald btw) with Rose, Martha, and Donna. I disliked both Martha and Donna but they sure did good with the new Doctor! David Tennant was/is my favorite, It was a very easy transition from Doctor number 9 to 10.


Then he changes again... Doctor number 11 played by Matt Smith. It took a very long time for me to accept him. He will never be my favorite buy he's growing on me.

His hair drives me crazy! not in a good way, he is constantly pushing it out of his face, just get a hair cut! David Tennant's hair on the other hand, sigh... I do have a bit of a crush on David Tennant, but that's okay because my hubby has a bit of a crush on Amy Pond (Karen Gillian) Which brings me to the next 2 characters, Rory Williams and Amy Pond, who become known as 'The Ponds'

 Now this is as far as I've made it. But I know he has a new companion, Clara Oswald.

And one more important character, River Song. Honestly one of my least favorite characters. Just doesn't fit with the doctor, either of them...

I'm kind of dissapointed of the way the Doctor has developed. With #9 he was calm, somewhat serious, knew what to do in most situations. A "man" you could rely on. Then #10 got a little more silly, he was fun, adventurous, funny, but still a bit of a darker character even despite all of this. He also still knew what to do in most situations. Then Doctor #11 comes along, (still not a ginger) he just bumbles around, says "I don't know" a lot and ends up saving the world almost by chance again and again. Is he losing brain cells?

I would have loved to see Doctor #10 (David Tennant) and Amy Pond (Karen Gillian) as a duo. That would have been awesome in my opinion. Who is your favorite, least favorite??

I have tried not to give too much away if you're new to Doctor Who, but hopefully I've sparked your interest!

Allons-y Alonso!!!

mock lasagna

I have another dinner solution for you guys today. This recipe has special meaning for me. It has been in my family for years, whenever we had company coming over, this was usually what we would be having for dinner! It's easy to make in large batches for a group and tastes just as good for lunch the next day.
It's a little different because we don't use noodles. Intrigued? Lets get started!

What you will need:

  • 3/4 lb. Ground beef
  • 1/2 lb. Mild Italian ground sausage
  • 15 oz. Tomato sauce
  • 1 tsp. Oregano
  • 1 c. Small curd cottage cheese (if you don't like cottage cheese, don't worry, you won't taste it!)
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 c. Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tubes Pillsbury dough sheets (if unavailable at your store, get 2 tubes, regular crescent rolls)
  • 8 slices Mozzarella cheese (1 pkg, not sure why I have 2 in the photo, oops!)
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F.

On your stove top, brown and drain meat. Let cool.
Then add your tomato sauce and oregano, stir together.

In separate bowl, beat together the cottage cheese, Parmesan cheese, and egg.

Spray a 9x13 baking pan with cooking spray. Then layer your first tube of Pillsbury dough on the bottom. If using regular crescent rolls, pinch all holes together.

Next, create your first layer using half of the meat. the second layer will be all of the cheese/egg mix, then add the rest of your meat on top of that creating the third layer. Place your mozzarella slices on top.

Layer your second tube of Pillsbury dough on top to form the crust. Again pinching together holes if needed.

Bake for 30 minutes. It will come out looking golden brown like this!

Serve with a side salad and French bread for a complete meal everyone will love.
I guarantee it!  
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