November 10, 2013

vintage circus baby shower

It's been over a year ago now since my sister and I threw, what we thought, was an awesome baby shower for a dear friend of ours. She was expecting her second child, a baby girl. After having her very "boy" little guy who had just turned 2 at the time, I think she was excited to starting planning for a little girl.

We chose a Vintage Circus theme.
We wanted a more cool color palette and a killer (not literally) dessert table!

Here are a few highlights from the big day.


 And the piece de resistance

 It was such a fun party to plan. So many little details that make an event so special and memorable. The little girl we planned this shower for, Elanor (Ellie), is almost 8 months old now. Oh how time flies... 

Congratulations Amber!

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