April 04, 2013

bun it up

I have been busy with work lately for the past few days. After a holiday is always a busy time for a Hallmark employee, the past holiday must come down and the next holiday put up in it's place. I always find myself putting my hair up for work. It has become a necessity, I wear a lanyard around my neck, I carry a heavy bag to and from stores, I am constantly bending over.
Doing all of this, long hair left down = annoying!

I try to stay away from the boring, I don't care, ponytail and put my hair up in some creative way. I am seriously hopeless with hair, I can't seem to do things backwards, when i do get it up in certain styles I am constantly worried that it will fall out because it doesn't feel secure. Issues, issues I tell ya.
Well, here are a few buns that I have tried, and succeeded at I might add, for work. They lasted all day and I still felt cute and stylish at a job that does neither of those things for me.

And here are a few I want to try! 
Braids are my nemesis at the moment...

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