April 29, 2013

pink poppy shoppe

Along with my Etsy store for men, Medford & Brooke, where I sell pocket squares on cards, see this post. I also have an Etsy store for women and girls. I have hair bows for both, as well as cute office paperclips or bookmarks. I will eventually be adding some stationary, jewelry, and sugar scrubs. Odd assortment of things I know, but that's what keeps it interesting!

Here are a few of the items offered

Both stores have FREE U.S Shipping! Please go check them out!

April 23, 2013

pocket squared

What is a pocket square? 

A pocket square is a handkerchief worn in a man's suit coat or tuxedo pocket. Pocket squares as a fashion accessory for formal attire have only been around since the beginning of the 20th century. Especially popular in the 1920s, men used to wear a pocket square in combination with a suit, a vest, and the era’s typical fedora hat.

Initially pocket squares came from the linen handkerchiefs used for personal hygiene.  As 2 piece suits came into fashion in the 19th century, many men started to place their clean pocket square into the breast pocket of their jacket to protect it from dirt and other objects, such as coins, in their trousers’ pockets. After use the pocket square would move from the breast pocket to the trousers’ pockets. By the 1920s the pocket square had become more of a fashion accessory than having any other purpose. Often times men had a pocket square in their breast pocket, and another handkerchief in their trousers meant for wiping their hands or cleaning their nose.

A pocket square is almost a must have when wearing a tuxedo and a classic bow tie. The formal black tie attire traditionally calls for a black tuxedo jacket and pants, white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, and a white pocket square. For business, the pocket square is a great way to add some color to your attire. Many fashion experts prefer having a different pattern on their pocket square, and even different colors, than the ones found in the necktie.

The flat folded pocket square is especially becoming more common. Some of the more extravagant folds are becoming outdated. Simplicity has definitely taken over in the last few years.
Now the problem with folding large handkerchiefs to look flat is that they never stay that way! This inspired me to get creative and open an Etsy store that provides flat folded pocket squares attached to cards that slide into your pocket and stay in place. These already exist... you might say, well yes, they do, but I have only found solid colors, why not have fun and create them with patterns?!? That is just what I have done. Head on over to my Etsy store to check them out! I would love your feedback.

April 17, 2013

live unexpectedly

I have been loving the color blocking trend right now, especially unexpected color combinations. I also am very into neons and pattern mixing these days. Here are a few photos that I'm crazy about.

You'll notice that are a few photos with the same girls in them, that is because I follow their blogs, LOVE their style, and pin almost all of their outfits on Pinterest. Check them out, maybe you'll love them too!

 What trends are you loving?

April 15, 2013

inglot freedom system

Through beautylish.com I discovered an awesome new product! It is called the Freedom System by Inglot. If you've never hear of Inglot, they are a high quality cosmetic company used by many pro makeup artists, they sell great products that I definitely would recommend.

So this is how it works:

You pick your size of palette. Then fill it with your choice of shadow colors (they also give you the option to make palettes for blush, concealer, etc... but we'll focus on the eyeshadow option for this post.

Let's do it together shall we?

This is the palette I chose


You can sort your shadows by color family or by finish as you browse. I'll sort by color. I'm going to create a palette of colors that look the best on me, this palette will be great for travel, all my favorite colors in a nice little compact.

Here is my finished palette
tip: mix your finishes for any eyeshadow look

Each shadow is $6.00

From left to right: 325 Matte, 329 Matte, 430 Pearl, 605 Pearl, 72 AMC

They have several different size palettes to choose from, just depends on how much you want to spend!

Head on over to www.beautylish.com and create your own palette, I will warn you though... if you like playing with color, it gets addicting...

April 14, 2013

jamberry nail wraps

Happy Monday everyone! I had surgery last Tuesday, I apologize for not posting all week, I thought I would be able to write at least a couple! The pain meds made my head a little fuzzy and sleepy and if I did post anything, you guys probably wouldn't have been able to understand it, hehe.
But now I'm back! And I'm back with a product review!

Have you heard of them? Have you tried them yet? I received a sample from a consultant here in Indy. I think their program kind of works like Avon or PartyLight. You can host a party in your home for your friends, they can buy some, you get some free, all sorts of good fun!

Here's the skinny:

Each set of nail wraps is $15.00.
You can get two applications out of each set. I received one nail wrap, but I cut it in half to use for two nails. Get it?
They say they will last for 2 weeks.
They have over 300 different styles to choose from! If you're like me and are hopeless at nail art, these would be perfect for you!
They have a pretty unique feature on their website as well, you can order custom nail wraps with your own uploaded image. These are $18.75 per sheet, plus a $6 setup fee per order. Any number of custom nail sheets can be included in an order.
Best part is... No dry time!!!

There is a very simple to follow instruction video that you should watch before you apply your nail wraps. The wraps themselves are made out of what almost feels like a vinyl type of material. They don't rip when you apply them and are really durable as you wear them.

I did my nails the other day with regular polish, then had to clean the house the next day...  My polish of course was chipped and peeling. I ended up taking it all off afterwards. Well I applied the nail wrap after I received it and ended up cleaning the next day, I have great timing don't I?, looked at my nails afterwards and they were perfect!  That was an unexpected surprise!
My nail wraps did only last 1 week. but... I am a Hallmark merchandiser, I deal with cards. I slide my nails across paper and plastic all day, and this was a holiday switch over, even more cards! I was probably the ultimate test for these things. The tips ended up just getting rubbed off but the rest of the nail looked great! I personally will definitely be purchasing some in the future!

This is the RED ECLIPSE Nail Wrap paired with OPI's Breakfast in Bed

Here are a few more nail wrap designs I have my eye on!










I think I have a slight mint obsession...

Stop by Tiffany Hauri's Jamberry page and place your order today! If you're in the Indianapolis area, you can contact her to host a party as well! She is very sweet and will answer any questions you have!

April 05, 2013

yard sales

Now that you're in spring cleaning mode, you have started clearing out those closets of old, unwanted, or unused items. Now what to do with them? You can make a quick and easy trip to Goodwill and just drop them off, if you choose to, you can get an itemized list to use as a tax deduction next year. But if you don't want to wait and need some cash now, having a garage sale is a good idea! Here are just a few tips I've put together for having a successful garage sale. Happy purging everyone!

  • Advertise your garage sale for free on Craigslist! You can also put a notice in your local newspaper for more exposure.
  • Make sure you are aware of any restrictions where you live. There may be laws that require you to have a permit, or an ordnance that prohibits signs on public right of ways. I have had garage sale signs taken down before, so it's good to know the rules in your area.
  • Keep your yard sale signs simple! Don't include all the information you can about the sale, people are driving by and don't have time to read an essay. Using the words YARD SALE and an arrow pointing them in the right direction work the best. Keep all of your signs the same so they know they are following the right signs to YOUR garage sale.
  •  It may take some time, but put prices on everything. This will save people from having to ask you a million times "How much do you want for this?" Also be objective about your pricing.No one really cares what you paid for something 10 years ago, what is it worth now? Would you pay $x.xx amount for it if you didn't know any background information for it? In the end my philosophy is "It wasn't making me any money sitting unused in my house, might as well get something for it!"
  • Before you put items in your garage sale, such as coats, books etc... go through them and make sure you don't have old receipts or money in pockets or as bookmarks.
  • Clean the items you're going to sell. Make things look as attractive as possible. No one likes to look at or touch dirty stuff. Take pride in your garage sale.
  •  Display your more interesting items closer to the road so people driving by will be more likely to stop. This works well with power tools and 'manly' items, the man is less likely to stop than the woman so give him a table of guy stuff to look at while she shops the rest.
  • If you're have your sale on a hot day, having cold soda or bottles of water available for sale for say .50 cents will be a nice touch. People will appreciate it and may stay longer to look around. Staying longer = possibly buying more.
  • Be sure to have enough money on hand to start out with those customers that haven't broken their 20 dollar bills, especially in the morning. $80 to $100 in smaller bills and change is a good idea for a larger garage sale. 
  • Have some background music going, this makes it more relaxing, and if a customer wants to talk about an item with a friend, they don't have to whisper. They are talking about your stuff after all...
  • A recent technological advancement is the Credit Card Reader for your smart phone. You can buy them at Target and Walmart for about $10.00, or you can get one for free through PayPal if you have an account. You get charged a fee everytime you use them so as a suggestion, only accept credit card payments for items over a certain price. Post a sign for example specifying that you can accept credit cards for purchases over $5.00. This will save you from paying an .80 cent service fee for a .50 cent item.
  • If you're taking care of the garage sale by yourself, keep your money on you, don't leave it in a box on a table. Who knows what may happen when you're off helping a customer during a busy few moments. As you collect money throughout the day, pull out the high dollar bills and keep inside your house. Do not accept checks unless you're willing to run the risk of accepting a bad check. 
  • Cover or hide items that are not for sale. You would be surprised what things people try to buy! If you can't put it out of sight, put a 'not for sale' sign on it to solve the problem. 
  • Be courteous, and friendly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! Be garage sale smart and you'll have a great sale day!

 Do you have any tips? Leave a comment below!

    April 04, 2013

    bun it up

    I have been busy with work lately for the past few days. After a holiday is always a busy time for a Hallmark employee, the past holiday must come down and the next holiday put up in it's place. I always find myself putting my hair up for work. It has become a necessity, I wear a lanyard around my neck, I carry a heavy bag to and from stores, I am constantly bending over.
    Doing all of this, long hair left down = annoying!

    I try to stay away from the boring, I don't care, ponytail and put my hair up in some creative way. I am seriously hopeless with hair, I can't seem to do things backwards, when i do get it up in certain styles I am constantly worried that it will fall out because it doesn't feel secure. Issues, issues I tell ya.
    Well, here are a few buns that I have tried, and succeeded at I might add, for work. They lasted all day and I still felt cute and stylish at a job that does neither of those things for me.

    And here are a few I want to try! 
    Braids are my nemesis at the moment...

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