March 16, 2013

surprise discovery

This week I have faced and overcome a longtime fear of mine. 

That fear was... Goodwill. (dun dun dun)

I always had the impression that Goodwill was for "junk" that people couldn't sell at their garage sale or for the stuff that was too gross to even attempt to sell at said garage sale. 
On Wednesday a couple of good friends, who sell on ebay, (search for simply_jen) decided to attempt to change my view of Goodwill. To say I was skeptical is an understatement, but I was game. Plus we needed to look for stuff for a baby shower we're planning (more on that after it takes place!) 

First stop we made was to the Indianapolis Goodwill Outlet. On the drive over they tell me: "Leave your Coach purse in the car"  I'm thinking "What am I getting into? And will I come back out??" Okay... this should be interesting...

We walk in to find rows of large, shallow bins filled with stuff, it appeared that there was some sort of attempt at categorization, but I'm not sure. 
I have never been much of a "digger", even in stores with new merchandise. Well that is the name of the game here. You could spot the professional thrifters by their gloved hands and speed at which they could sift through stuff as opposed to the newbie here who lifted things with two fingers, if she lifted anything at all. We were able to get some good things for the shower for .69 to .79 cents a pound, so that made it all worth while. 
Needless to say, the Goodwill Outlet was not my favorite place, and didn't change my mind about Goodwill in general. I was hoping our next stop would be better.

Our next stops were visiting two Goodwill Stores. One is fairly new, so it was nice, bright, clean, and amazingly, fairly organized. I found quite a few items, so many in fact that I had to start putting stuff back! I never realized that Target sends all of their clearance items to Goodwill, SCORE! I was shocked at how much of the clothing was name brand or new with tags! 
I will never, EVER buy used shoes, that just grosses me out... but when I spotted brand new shoes from Target for half the price, I couldn't resist!

I am now actually really excited for my next Goodwill excursion!
 I guess I am now a 'Thrifter'... at least a partial one. Go Figure!

Check out my awesome finds!!

.99 cents! Target Fedora

$4.39 Target Wedges

$4.98 Brand New Old Navy Long Sleeve Cardigan

$4.39 Target Heels with Gold Toes

.99 cents. I loved this cup so much, I couldn't pass it up! Also meet, Zooey, 1 of our 2 feline friends. She is sitting with me now supervising what I say about her...


  1. You have some good finds! I am totally stealing the pink and gold shoes from you when I come visit though! Just beware lol. I didn't know that target sent their stuff to goodwill! I winder if all targets do that or just the ones in your area? I think I may be taking a trip to goodwill soon lol

    1. I think it may be everywhere. Don't quote me on that though. We were thinking of doing a visit up north for nicer goodwill's while you're here. Save your pennies!

    2. Will do, but that means I'm gonna need a bigger suitcase lol

  2. We love Goodwill. Some sisters in our area plan "thrifting trips" to the larger cities in the area and we try to hit as many of them as we can in one outing. So much fun! But you definitely have to be somewhat of a treasure hunter to find the good items.

  3. Those shoes with gold toes are awesome! Jealous. I went into a goodwill in Scottsdale. Was expecting better but I did make a killing on picture frames. Got 10 frames (some brand new) and a cute cottage teapot for $12.

    1. Picture frames can get expensive, especially anything with detail, awesome when you can get a great deal on them!

  4. Muwahaha! My work here is finished!


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