March 04, 2013


I have a confession...

I am a bit obsessed with nail polish, in particular OPI. I love their huge variety of colors, catchy names, and the quality of the polish. I went through and counted all of my nail polishes. Out of the 85 nail polishes I have in total, 66 of the are OPI!

A few of my favorite colors:

It's all Greek to me
A great fuchsia pink (pearl)

Sicilian Vermillion
Orangey/Red (opaque)

Kinky in Helsinki
A pretty magenta (pearl)

You're a Pisa Work
A hot pink (opaque)

Bet it all on OPI
A pinky/orange more emphasis on the orange (opaque)

Deer Valley Spice
A red hot pink (pearl)

Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire
My favorite red! (pearl)

Confucious Says "Coral"
A pinky/coral (opaque)

I'm Not Really a Waitress
Deep burgundy (pearl)

Up the Amazon Without a Paddle
A lighter pink with a touch of gold (pearl)

*Most of these colors I still found available on Amazon

Did you notice my lonely little Essie polish amongst all the OPI? I think it needs a friend,
or maybe 9 or 10... what do you think? :)

What are your favorite colors?


  1. I have totally been obsessing with manicures lately. I do my nails different almost every week lol. I love doing my nails, makes me feel girlie! My favorite colors at the moment are bright cherry red, turquoise blue, coral pink, and I'm really digging sparkles at the moment. My latest manicure was turquoise and coral with silver sparkles. My fingers looked like little disco balls haha

    1. You made me giggle imagining you waving your fingers around showing off your glitter :) That's awesome that you get to do your nails every week, I'm sure it's fun, relaxing, you time. I would too, but with my job, it gets chipped the next day. So I usually paint them for special occasions. Now my toes are a different story, during spring and summer, they are always painted!! I am in LOVE with opaque nail polishes right now, no sparkle, no glitter, just a true, rich swipe of color!

  2. Yeah my nails distracted me all the time haha. I'd be gesturing and my A.D.D would kick in. Oooh look! Glitter!!!! Lol It's hard to find opaque colors but I like them too. Where have you found them?

    1. LOL!
      I mentioned a few of the opaque OPI colors I have, but check out Pinterest! they usually have the polish name and a great photo to go with it!

    2. Yeah Pinterest is great for that!

  3. Your lonely Essie bottle made me laugh :)
    I like the red/orange color like your Sicilian Vermillion
    and the pink Up the Amazon without a Paddle
    I have an Essie color called Cocktail Bling (gray) & a Nars color called Lal Mirichi (red/orange)
    I also like the matte look right now.

    1. :) I have really been wanting to try a grey, I'll check out the one you mentioned. I've also been wanting to try out essie's matte top coat. Sounds like a trip to Target is in order!


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