March 21, 2013

makeup tutorials

Since I am no longer doing makeup tutorials on my other website. It's just boring ole business stuff now... I thought I would share some of the makeup artists I personally follow on Youtube.

I am very picky regarding the makeup artists I follow. I can not stand videos that start with "so, um yeah we're going to be doing a smokey eye, my boyfriend really likes when I do this look, so yeah, lets get started" It immediately gets turned off... These are videos usually posted by girls in their bedrooms with awful lighting, a mess on their bed in the background, who like to play with makeup but are by no means professional.
Another thing I can't handle, is those videos where they go on about their personal story for the first 5 minutes of the video, I really don't care what they had to eat over the weekend...

Okay, now I'm rambling. oops!

The type of makeup tutorial videos I look for, are more professional. Usually they have a Makeup Artistry, Cosmetology, or Aesthaticians license, or at the very least, actually work on clients. They have a set up with good lighting, and are somewhat professional in their delivery. Logical steps, and some sort of outline they follow to avoid word whiskers, or talking about anything and everything to fill the silence.


Meet, Marlena. She is the owner of Makeup Geek. Over the years she has gone from posting makeup tutorials, reviews, etc. to launching her own brand of makeup products (they are awesome!) She has also posted about her weight loss success, and girly things, like a closet makeover. If you're not interested in those things, you can just skip those videos, they are not tied in with her makeup tutorial videos.
She does some pretty funky looks, as well as very wearable everyday looks. She would be great to follow if you love to play with color, and if you have larger eyes.

Next meet, Sineady Cady with The Makeup Chair. She is a blogger/v-logger from Cork, Ireland. She does a lot of beginner tutorials, How to pick the right foundation shade, how to highlight and contour, etc. She is funny and spunky. She is the number one subscribed to Makeup Blogger in Ireland. Check her site out!

Lisa Eldridge. She is a true professional makeup artists. She does makeup for celebrities and their red carpet events, designer runway shows, editorial spreads, etc. I think it is awesome that she sits down and creates Youtube videos for us. She uses models a lot, which I personally love, she also uses pretty high end products. She is from the UK, I could listen to her accent all day. She is a great artist to learn technique from. For the most part, there is no right or wrong way, like other artist's would have you believe. She uses brushes, her hands, anything to get the effect she wants. She is the queen of blending! Definitely worth a visit to her channel and website.

Do you have any makeup artist you follow?

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. You Tube is full of junk tutorials. Love Makeup Geek! Though I haven't checked the site in almost a year. But I'm entering Anti-Frump April, so could use some inspiration. :-)


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