March 27, 2013

keeping those makeup brushes clean

Since I mentioned keeping your makeup brushes clean in my last post. 
I wanted to give you an easy tutorial today. 
Just follow these easy instructions for soft, squeaky clean brushes! 

Do you clean your makeup brushes?? 

I deep clean my brushes once a month,
and I do a basic cleaning once a week.
Here I will show you the difference, why to clean them, and how!

Why Clean your brushes??

You could get a bacterial skin infection, eye infection, skin irritation or frequent breakouts from dirty brushes. Shadow or blush colors will start to turn muddy since all of them are mixing together from prolonged use. Vibrant colors in the pan may not be so vibrant on your face due to the same reason. 

How to Clean your brushes??

For the weekly brush cleaning, I use 91% Alcohol in a small spray bottle.
Spray onto a folded paper towel, then swirl your brushes in it to remove any makeup.
Alcohol is very drying, So to counteract that, you can add 1 part Tea Tree Oil to 4 parts Alcohol if you desire. It will make it smell better too!

For your monthly brush cleaning, you will need:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Baby Shampoo
Inexpensive Sponge

Start by pouring a little EVOO onto a folded paper towel, then swirl your brush in it and watch as it breaks down all the product left in your brushes, if you run out of clean Olive Oil on the paper towel but product is still coming out of your brush, just add a little more EVOO to your paper towel, swirl your brush in EVOO until color stops coming out. The EVOO really softens and moisturizes your REAL hair brushes. Now take your baby shampoo and pour a little onto your sponge, swirl your brush into it as it works into a lather, rinse in your sink under warm water. Dry on a new paper towel, it will come out squeaky clean! 
Reshape your brush and lay on a flat surface with bristles hanging over an edge.

Skip the EVOO step when cleaning out your synthetic brushes, these are usually made out of taklon. These are the brushes you use for your cream products such as foundation or concealer.

Golden taklon concealer brush

A few helpful tips:

1. Do not dry your brush in a cup upside down, any water that is in the bristles will work with gravity and stay in your brush and seep under the metal part of your brush causing possible mold and mildew.

2. When rinsing your brushes, keep the water below the top of the metal, or where the handle meets the metal part. This will prevent wood handles from cracking, and from the water breaking down the glue that holds it together.
3. Drying your brushes on the edge of something  allows for 360 degrees of drying, they will be ready to use faster, and will help prevent mis-shaped brushes.

4. Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil every month will put back in the moisture the Alcohol takes out. And it makes them SUPER soft!!

Happy Cleaning!

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