March 11, 2013

iPhone vs iPhone

This is the completely girly comparison of the iPhone 4 (not 4s) and the iPhone 5. No techy mumbo jumbo (my I.T. brother-in-law would cringe at that) just the every day user stuff, the important bits. :)

The iPhone 4 was my first introduction to Apple and I've been in love ever since. I love the simplicity and efficiency that the iPhone has to offer. I personally like the fact that Apple doesn't have millions of apps to choose from. The ones they do offer, ALWAYS work! No weird buggy issues that I've heard my husband (he's an Android guy) complain about on his phone.

First off, my iPhone 5 is  SO much faster! I now have 4G LTE from Verizon, this alone was good enough for me to make the upgrade. My iPhone 4 was getting very slow, not sure why.

The iPhone 5 is longer and lighter, nothing I would complain about though. It still feels sturdy in my hand, and all apps have been customized to fit the new screen.

I have found Siri to be very helpful. She is also very easy to use. You don't have to learn the secret code of A.I's to have her work properly. Just talk to her like a normal human being and she will understand what you're trying to do. I have found her especially useful while cooking. I've had her look up measurement conversions, (I'm horrible at math) set timers, and even find new recipes for me.

I also really like the new maps program as well. The directions are in BIG green boxes now so you can actually find and read them while driving! Plus Siri offers turn by turn directions, giving you plenty of notice before you need to make your next turn. If you do happen to miss that last direction she gave you, or are just plain lost, (because you're horrible at directions as well) she will adjust your route automatically without saying "recalculating route" or "make a legal u-turn at the next available location" (I hate that!)

I now have talk to text, awesome! I know the 4s had it but the 4 did not. The speaker is vastly improved as well. You can actually hear your music now! The new ear bud design is also fantastic. I never used the old ear buds because of their shape. They hurt after a while wearing them, and they would fall out often, they were just simply the wrong shape. The new ones fit comfortably and have dual speakers on each bud, awesome at cancelling out noise, or people...  I've talked with my sister using them for hands free talking, with the exception of getting the cord caught on a drawer pull in my kitchen, and ripping them out of my ears, (we'll blame that on user error) they worked great!

The camera has been improved upon as well. It will automatically find individual people or items and bring them into focus. As with the iPhone 4, you can choose where you would like it to focus as well.

And lastly, yes... the head phone jack is on the bottom...

The downside to the iPhone 5: Any old docks you had for your iPhone 4/4s are now useless since they changed the adapter. At the moment, hardly anywhere in stores have products/docks with the new iPhone design.

All in all though, I am extremely happy with my iPhone 5 and will remain an Apple user!

Now, how to dress it???...

*These opinion are my own. I don't want start a debate between if Apple or Android is better. Just sharing my thoughts.


  1. Good everyday user review. I like apple products and would like to get an iPhone. This is a helpful review without being all techy.

    1. You totally should! I think the iPhone 4 is free now when you sign a new contract at Verizon.

  2. Does it have to be a new Verizon contact do you know?

    1. Whenever your current 2 year contract is up, you get the option of signing a new one, and getting a new free phone.


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