March 25, 2013

doctor in the house

"Don't worry, I'm The Doctor" Doctor Who? Exactly... 

I am a Whovian, I will admit it, hopefully you are one too?? I love Doctor Who, but it wasn't love at first episode. I almost didn't make it through the first episode. I actually yelled at the screen "DO SOMETHING" The dramatic panning from The Doctor being held by plastic men, to Rose and Micky cowering in the corner, then to Jackie running around screaming, again and again was almost too much too bare.
If you're not a Doctor Who fan (yet) just hang in there through the first 5 episodes. Episode 6 is where it starts to get better.

A little background info for you:

Doctor Who first appeared on BBC in 1963, it ran for 26 series, then went off the air for 16 years. It came back in 2005. There have been 11 actors that have played the doctor over the years. I haven't seen any of the old episodes, I don't know where to find them :( 

He seems to be getting younger...
If you start watching Doctor Who, you will probably be starting with the ninth doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)

Then comes David Tennant (who's real name is David John McDonald btw) with Rose, Martha, and Donna. I disliked both Martha and Donna but they sure did good with the new Doctor! David Tennant was/is my favorite, It was a very easy transition from Doctor number 9 to 10.


Then he changes again... Doctor number 11 played by Matt Smith. It took a very long time for me to accept him. He will never be my favorite buy he's growing on me.

His hair drives me crazy! not in a good way, he is constantly pushing it out of his face, just get a hair cut! David Tennant's hair on the other hand, sigh... I do have a bit of a crush on David Tennant, but that's okay because my hubby has a bit of a crush on Amy Pond (Karen Gillian) Which brings me to the next 2 characters, Rory Williams and Amy Pond, who become known as 'The Ponds'

 Now this is as far as I've made it. But I know he has a new companion, Clara Oswald.

And one more important character, River Song. Honestly one of my least favorite characters. Just doesn't fit with the doctor, either of them...

I'm kind of dissapointed of the way the Doctor has developed. With #9 he was calm, somewhat serious, knew what to do in most situations. A "man" you could rely on. Then #10 got a little more silly, he was fun, adventurous, funny, but still a bit of a darker character even despite all of this. He also still knew what to do in most situations. Then Doctor #11 comes along, (still not a ginger) he just bumbles around, says "I don't know" a lot and ends up saving the world almost by chance again and again. Is he losing brain cells?

I would have loved to see Doctor #10 (David Tennant) and Amy Pond (Karen Gillian) as a duo. That would have been awesome in my opinion. Who is your favorite, least favorite??

I have tried not to give too much away if you're new to Doctor Who, but hopefully I've sparked your interest!

Allons-y Alonso!!!


  1. Love, love, love Doctor Who! But then you know that. I actually watched it as a kid with the one in the very top right photo. I think some of the old ones are on Netflix. The cover art looks like the new series but more colorful.
    Anywho, as for Mr. Tennant Cutie Pie, well... sigh. I liked #10's sensitive brooding side. Doctor Who dream team is definitely #10 and Amy Pond. #11 Drives me crazy. And he LOOKS like an alien. Oh well. I think as the show gained mainstream popularity in the states, they started reinventing the wheel, fixing things that weren't broken. New writers and a fresher approach. Television is so fickle. At least we can watch the old ones!

    1. I don't think Matt Smith is THAT bad ;) but David Tennant will always be favorite. He is coming back with Billie Piper for the 50th anniversary episode! SOOOOO Excited!!!

  2. You can watch classic Doctor Who on Netflix. I think they have all the episodes. And I finally started watching it. So far, so good :)

    1. Thanks girl! How did I miss this?? I've looked multiple times for the older episodes but never looked under 'classic doctor' now added to my queue!

    2. Yeah I probably wouldn't have thought of that either, it just popped up on my suggested watch list on Netflix so that's how I knew


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