March 05, 2013


I just spent a few hours browsing some of my favorite stores, catching up on blogs I follow, re-organizing some Pinterest boards, (does anyone else do this??) drinking my earl grey tea, while listening to my 'Pink Martini' Pandora station.
a perfectly acceptable evening in my opinion.

a few sites I visited

a few blogs I follow

I also stumbled across a new store, where I then proceeded to pin half of the store on Pinterest.

I hope you had a relaxing evening as well.

1 comment:

  1. I love an evening like that! Especially in the spring, with the windows open and a gentle rain outside. Only switch my tea to coffee. :-D I haven't done that in so long! Seems our T.V. is always on in the evening, and not with anything all that interesting. Sometimes the brainless noise gets to me. Maybe it's time to institute 'no T.V. evenings'. Hmmm... I feel a blog page of my own coming on.


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