March 26, 2013

beauty party

I love party planning. I've only planned a few, but I would love to plan more! I love the excitement of the occasion, I love seeing the look on the face of the person I'm planning the party for when they first walk in and take it all in. I love putting together all of the tiny details that make a party a party!

So my first foray into party planning (other than my wedding) was a girls beauty party. A friend of mine who is a cosmetologist and new to the area wanted to get her name out there, I also was just starting my Makeup Artistry business so I also was wanting to get my name out there. So...
We put together a party that included ice cream cupcakes (yum!) mini manicures, mini makeovers, some demonstrations (I'll explain later) a couple of fun games with prizes, who doesn't love prizes? and... a dress up photo booth!

Here was our food set up. Since it was such a small group and we only invited ages 14 and up we decided to use real china and glasses. Add some flowers and you have an elegant set up.
The menu included:chocolate covered strawberries, mixed berries, veggies, and some colorful candy.

We each did a demonstration, they weren't as boring as they sound. My friend, Jen, did a color theory demo, showing how to find out if you have a warm or cool skin tone, this helps you choose what hair color will look best on you, the color of your clothing choices, even jewelry. Below you see our dear friend, Kristen, being a great sport. She has a warm skin tone, the deeper red looks better on her than the hot pink. I was the other guinea pig, and I am a cool tone, the hot pink looked better on me. The crowd started catching on and started calling out which one worked better. It was very informative.

My demo was on how to properly clean your makeup brushes. Do you clean your brushes?!? You should at least once every month!

Then we had our stations set up for the mini manicures and makeovers. FUN!

We came up with 2 games. In one, you had to match up what funny OPI name matched with what color polish. We posted photos on a board, and they had a list of possible choices. The other game was the same concept but was matching up what era the style was with the photos.


And then the dress up/photo booth. We supplied a mirror and a variety of vintage, retro, modern accessories to choose from. We then set up a tri-pod and camera to snap photos of their looks, We saw girls disappear in there, going in a bit timid, then coming out with huge smiles. A great way to ease any nerves, especially if you don't know everyone real well.

This party was a lot of fun. A great girls afternoon hanging out talking about makeup and beauty!


  1. That looks so fun! And....I really need to clean my makeup brushes again. It's been months!

    Question: What about the sponges I use to apply foundation? How often should I switch them out? I switch them out pretty regularly, but is there some kind of general rule?

    1. It was a lot of fun! I suggest 1 to 2 months per sponge, especially if you can't see any white anymore. You might start to notice your makeup getting streaky or hard to spread, that definitely means you need a new sponge!

  2. I had so much fun that day!! You throw great parties...excellent eye for detail😉 I enjoyed learning how to clean our make up brushes too. Thanks!


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