March 28, 2013

animal baby shower

The title is the best way I can think of how to describe this baby shower, we didn't really have a "theme", we did have a lot of animals decorations around though.

This baby shower was a family style affair thrown for my sister and brother-in-law. We kicked them out of their house while we set up. My parents were able to drive out from Arizona to attend so they took them out to breakfast and helped keep them busy.

I can almost take full credit for this shower because this was all done before Pinterest existed! Here are some photos! Hopefully they give you some ideas in case you need to plan a baby shower too!

I usually stay away from the 'too cutesie' stuff, but since a lot of our friends here in Indiana hadn't met any other members on either side of our families, I decided to label them. Each set of grandparents, 3 aunts and 1 uncle all were labelled. It was a great conversation starter and helped to break the ice.

My hubby came up with an idea for displaying the cookies. We asked a few friends to bring a dozen cookies each. We then created labels for them and voila you have a 'cookie bar'!

yes, someone got a little carried away with the bottom left cookies, but they were sure yummy!!
We had stuffed animals sprinkled here and there through in the room, little friends to cuddle with and one BIG bear to welcome you as you walk in the door.

We made custom CD's for our guests as favors, some tracks included Michael Buble, Pink Martini, some of my sister and brother-in-law's favorites, plus a few cute kids tunes (no, not wheels on the bus)
I also found little Chinese take out boxes at the dollar store that I filled with chocolate candy for the kids.

Love the flowers? I did too! My brother-in-law's sister arranged them for me. Want to know a secret? They are a mix of real and silk flowers! It's a great way to save some money in the budget, and you can't even tell!

I made cupcakes, little side note: practice icing cupcakes before you create the final batch if you've never done it before... lesson learned. I also splurged on the cutest cake I've ever seen!! A friend owns a cake company Rockakes and is AMAZING! The flowers she creates are works of art! 

Isn't it adorable?!?

Since it was family style, we provided games outside for the little and big kids, none of the guys really wanted to watch the gift opening, apparently it's a girly activity, so they were happy outside with their bean bag toss, disc golf, volleyball, and football.

Here are the happy parents-to-be! They are now expecting their second child, he should make his debut in July! I am in the process of planning his baby shower for May, will post about that soon!

 Us sisters together. Brings a smile to my face...

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