February 28, 2013


About a year ago, a friend of mine asks me, "Are you on Pinterest?" "Pinterest, what's Pinterest?" I ask. She says "It's like a virtual pin board, check it out" In my head, I'm thinking: "Yeah okay when I get time..."
I think I took a look at it about a week after that, and I haven't looked back since! I am still a little surprised when I talk to someone who is completely clueless about what Pinterest is, how can they not have this wonderful tool part of their lives?!? Well if you are one of these people. Let me enlighten you...

Pinterest is as I mentioned above: A place to create virtual pin boards. Do you remember when you used to get catalogs and tear out the pages of things you liked, to save for later? I used to have folders of these for my home, fashion, etc... now you can clean out the clutter in your house and keep it all nice and tidy in your virtual filing cabinet. Create boards for whatever you want! Your dream house, a virtual walk in closet, recipes, the sky is the limit! I have over 50 boards, and I use what I pin all the time! It has seriously revolutionized party planning! So many people are willing to share their DIY ideas, those little details that make all the difference between a party and a PARTY!

I have even created temporary boards for things such as planning for a vacation. It helps you organize your ideas. I like to pin a bunch of ideas for what to pack for vacation, then come back a couple days later and keep what I still like, delete what I changed my mind about.

Recently they have added a new feature, Secret boards! Essential feature for party planning.
I was planning a baby shower for a friend who was not on Pinterest yet, this was also before secret boards were added, so I had a board called 'Amber's Baby Shower'... see where I'm going with this?... I received an email on my phone while at work saying "Your Friend Amber T just joined Pinterest!" I'm thinking "Oh yay! She'll love it!" then the dark cloud rolled in... "Oh no! she'll see her party board!" I immediately called my husband, who happened to be home at the time, frantically telling him to save the photos to the computer and delete the board quick! before she got a glimpse of it. whew! that was close. True Story.

Needless to say, I LOVE Pinterest! It helps me liven up my wardrobe with different color combos I never would have thought of. I have become more adventurous trying different hairstyles. I am hopeless with my hair. Makeup I've got covered, but my hair seems like a wild animal I have never managed to tame, so I pretty much gave up, but with so many ideas to try, hopefully it looks like I'm trying again.

One word of advice though. Break out your boards into categories! For example if you want a style board, break it up into jewelry, shoes, hats, scarves, winter, summer, etc... obviously you don't have to break it up that much, just giving you an exaggerated example. Or if you love to cook, break up your boards into breakfast, dinners, snacks, breads, drinks etc. Eventually your boards will grow and with so many pins in one board it will become more tedious than useful trying to find what you want.
Yes this is spoken from experience...

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If you don't have a Pinterest account yet, head on over and create one! You won't regret it.

And this is how it will happen...

Happy Pinning!


  1. Thanks to you I'm now a Pinterest junkie! Thank you! Also great job on the shower, I'm glad you were a quick thinker because it was gorgeous and everything was a complete surprise. I love the new boards just for that -but a surprise.

    1. haha! you're so very welcome :) I'm glad you loved your baby shower. I wanted to make it special. Darla and I had a lot of fun planning it!!

  2. Pinterest is SO handy to have around. It's where I keep all the crafts and recipes I will never ever make. LOL! Also, welcome to blogging!

    1. thanks for the welcome! I didn't know you had a blog? You have a new follower :)

  3. Replies
    1. YEP! and proud of it :) I do have to say that I use (some) of my pins! I cook a lot more...

  4. Cute blog! And I like the name of it too!

    1. Why thank you! Thanks for visiting too! :D


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